As the cold weather sets in here in Melbourne, our minds turn to hard wearing, weather beating jackets. A jacket that will protect and serve for decades to come is something worthy of investment. Not only in terms of finance, but also in the consideration of style and materials you choose for its construction. This where Aero Leather Clothing take things up a notch compared to other makers in their market sector.

Aero Leather Clothing Dustbowl Jacket

Aero Leather Clothing Dustbowl Jacket - Seal Brown Horse Hide

Beginning life as contract company in Beacon, N.Y, supplying the USAAF with their famous A1 and A2 flight Jackets, Aero Leather Jackets have been manufactured on the Scottish borders for the last 40 years or so. The Aero factory is housed in the historic Green Bank Mill at Galashiels, a border town nestled amongst many others that still produce much of Scotlands wool and tartan products.

Aero now produce many civilian styles outside of their original military contract jackets, and here at P&P, we have access to them all. The options for customisation on your made to order Aero Jacket are not endless, but they are many; most importantly, you'll want to get the jacket adjusted for your height and make sure the chosen size is correct for your body...

Aero Leather Clothing Majestic Jacket - Rust Goat Suede

Aero Leather Clothing Majestic Jacket - Rust Goat Suede

You may now be asking... 'How do I go about ordering one of these famed Aero Jackets?' The best way to start is to check out the Aero Leather Clothing Website and see what styles are of interest:

Following this, pop in to the store or drop us a line and we'll help you through the process from there. In store we can take you through the leather swatch sample book; measure you up and discuss sizing options for your chosen style; show you the standard lining options; take you through the shearling hide options for sheepskin jackets, and show you the A2/M422a knit choices available.

Aero Leather Clothing B6 - Redskin Shearling

Aero Leather Clothing B6 - Redskin Shearling

We usually have 4-8 jacket styles on the rack in various sizes also, so you can try on a jacket or two to get a feel for the product before you take the plunge and make a decision. Contact Us Today to arrange your custom Aero Jacket consultation and get yours delivered ready for the middle of Winter here in Australia!