B R A N D S : PF Flyers - Run Faster, Jump Higher

Pf Flyers were created by a man named B.F Goodrich in 1933, when he wanted to improve the comfort of casual shoes by creating the new insole he named as the ‘Posture Foundation’ and hence, PF Flyers.

A little more substantial in sole with their signature ribbed cup sole at the front, The PF Flyer is now approaching its 85 full year as a brand but the classic shapes still remain.

In store now in women’s sizes we have a range including Windjammers, Grounders and Centre Hi!

The Windjammer is a re-release of the classic 1968 style. This one is beautiful and Made in The USA. It features a suede upper and heavy canvas body, with 100% cotton laces and soft leather lining.

PF Flyers Windjammer Made in USA available at Heffernan and Haire

The Grounder was military issue shoe for the US army for a while so it’s really sturdy for a sneaker, the rugged sole thicker and more noticeable than the Center Hi. It also carries that ribbed outsole over the front of the shoe for extra protection on your toe cap. A casual shoe but with a nod to durability and the military; choose The Grounder to last you the distance.

We stock from a EUR 36 to larger men’s sizes in most styles, which fit fairly true to size with the exception of the Windjammer which fits small, so we recommend going up a half size.