B R A N D S : YUKETEN by Meg Company

Yuki Matsuda

As one of the newest additions to footwear at Heffernan & Haire, it seemed appropriate to give some background and more detail to the Yuketen brand. Yuketen was the first brand created by Yuki Matsuda of Meg Company. Originally from Japan, Yuki began designing and producing footwear from his California base in 1989 and has since formed creative partnerships with the finest leather footwear and luggage craftsmen in the world.

Currently available in store and online, Yuketen's Zuricher and Arizonian sandals in black, brown and natural. They're entirely hand-cut and crafted by leather artisans in Mexico. Vegan synthetic vaquetta leather and USA-made solid brass buckles are used to make these beauties. 

Aside from the vegan sandal option, a recent addition to the Yuketen range, full grain leathers and brass hardware are used for most products. All Yuketen products handmade in the USA or Mexico for their Sandals and Huaraches. Yuketen leathers are designed to preserve the natural leather fibre structure, texture and properties which allows the leather to develop beautiful patinas over the life of the product.

The 3/4" Plain Bit Belt is a simple, classic style crafted from full grain leather, and all brass hardware.

Yuketen are now able to combine the most refined shoe making traditions and techniques with progressive, adventurous designs. The result is something truly unique - shoes that reflect a global perspective, relentless pursuit of quality, and fearless attitude towards bold, forward-looking design. Yuketen’s boundary-crossing products serve the new adventurers - global nomads who seek new perspectives yet have a profound respect for the past!