Christmas Gifts for Life from P&P

kinckerbocker, Triumph and Disaster, Rinouma Japan, Firehouse Wax

It’s that time of the year when you disregard all notions of restraint and splurge on
others and yourself. However small or large we have you covered!

For the aspiring writer or analogue man we have the midori Brass Bullet pens and
pencils (the only tools I can write legibly with given my left hand ailment - BM) To
compliment that we also have the leather covered traveller’s notebook in small and
large depending on how big your writing/plotting is…

If you like a pen with a bit more substance why not try Kaweco, the fountain pen in
particular is a compact treat to use.

Hand indigo- dyed pocket squares from Blue Blue Japan might be too nice to blow
your nose in, but make a lovely gift all the same. Similarly, underwear from Merz B.
Schwanen. We all love nice garments for our nether regions but we don’t always like
spending the cash on it, so treat yourself or another for months and years of comfort.

Nigel Cabourn Hand Cannon - Multi Carry Bag

For the travelling man Filson give you the briefcase, the duffle for longer larger

travels, the tablet briefcase for the minimal commuter and the two sizes of toiletry
bag…each one comes in tan, navy or otter green made with heavy weather resistant
drill and bridle leather.  Also, Nigel Cabourn has an amazing swiss cloth hand cannon
bag, which can be a rucksack, a messenger bag or a holdall!

Smaller things for carrying things come from Tanner goods who have all types of
wallets, lanyards, key fobs and leather items, not to mention excellent belts for
keeping your trousers up and wrestling over the chrsitmas paunch. Also Rinouma
from Japan who make everything in brass rather well; from hooks and chains to money
clips and cases.

PF Flyers Grounder Low and All American Hi

Tops and bottoms are covered with new arrivals from PF Flyers for Summer sneakers, and baseball caps from H.W. Dogg & Co. from Japan. They also make marvellous woollen brimmed hats; one folding, one fixed, banded and brimmed!

Juniper ridge has just been restocked from the Californian Wilderness, so we have more incense, natural cologne and room sprays to fill your home with the smell of the forest.

Juniper Ridge Cologne Sample Kit

Finally grooming for your face and your shoes. We have razors from Merkur and Brushes from Geo F Trumper. Shaving creams, moisturisers and scrubs from Triumph & Disaster and beard balms and oils from Bearded Chap and JS Sloane respectively.

P.S. Next week we will have elegant knives from Passion france in all shapes and
sizes. Whether you’re a budding rambler or just want something to cut meat and
cheese with in the park, these are stunning in detail and authenticity; the original
pocket knives.