21 Dec 2018
G I F T  G U I D E
21 Dec 2018 Here at Heffernan & Haire we are inspired constantly by everything from style icons like Georgia O'Keefe and Joan Didion, to people walking thr...
Here at Heffernan & Haire we are inspired constantly by everything from style icons like Georgia O'Keefe and Joan Didion, to people walking through the street, to the less likely but very interesting characters. Below are some of our favourites, pared with some pieces from the shop that we would gift them.

An animated young Belgian reporter, Tin Tin is iconic not only for his adventures but also his uniform. The punchy colour combination of tailored and sensible pieces teamed with the quiff and inquisitive Snowy the pup is all right up our alley!
For old chap Tin we've collected pieces that emulate his already established style with a Heffernan & Haire feel. A beautiful, crisp tailored shirt from Blue Blue Japan under a soft blue sweater tee from Sugarcane, pared with with sharpest cords by Leno & Co. and the chicest brogues by Grenson. For the signature quiff we've chosen some King Brown pomade, and for Snowy the canine lead by Tanner Goods. Bonus points (and not pictured here) for the perfect Tin Tin-esque trench from Leno & Co.
Sam is a character created by Wes Anderson for his film Moonrise Kingdom, about two youths running away from home to be together. Sam is the male protagonist, a deadpan but romantic boy scout, whose uniform is iconic and brings to mind nostalgic, colour drenched images of camping and the wilderness. For him we have chosen the Leno & Co  khaki chinos and yellow shirt, paired with some pieces by Tatamba; the binoculars case (to store Suzy Bishops binoculars) and the canvas brogues. Add a couple of stocking stuffers in the form of Trail Soap by Juniper Ridge (for washing the dirt but keeping that sweet forrest fragrance) and a notebook by Calepino with a pen by Travellers Company and Sam is sorted!
The Dude is the main character of the Coen Brother's The Big Lebowski, and while being an avid bowler and inherent slacker, he is sneaky stylish and we think he would love the Native Cardigan by Girls of Dust! Team that with some sandals by Tatarou and a beautiful glass by Denver & Liely for his White Russians and we think The Dude would approve, man.
 While Penny Lane, the 70s groupie from the film Almost Famous, commonly serves as style inspiration, we couldn't help but pull together a few pieces from our collection that we think she would love. The Wool Loggers Jacket by W'Menswear is a modern and luxurious update of PL's iconic shearling coat, paired with the Vanguard Saddle Bag from Tanner Goods would be the perfect little carry all for her adventures on the road. Throw on a pair of Oliver Peoples, necklace by Yuketen and a dab of cologne from Juniper Ridge, and we think Miss Lane would be very pleased!
Whenever this watch cap by Knickerbocker is worn it draws immediate comparisons to The Life Aquatic’s gang! We’ve teamed it here with the Zissou blue dress by Blue Blue Japan, some white Grounders by PF Flyers, and a collection of indigo dyed badges also from Blue Blue Japan. Throw in a Japanese woven cotton BasShu  towel to mop up the sea spray, and the whole team’s sorted!
B1& B2
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?! As far as unlikely style icons go, these ones take the cake! B1 & B2 are unusual choices, yes, but we are so on board with the matchy stripes on stripes on stripes! We’ve made a little gift collection for our favourite pj clad ‘nanas including this hickory stripe set from Snow Peak, and matching cushion to rest their weary heads on from BasShu! Top it off with the plain beanie from Nigel Cabourn for some colour and it’s Christmas time!!
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