Often this time of year can feel overwhelming, and a little superficial... our social media feeds bombarded with proclamations of love as defined by Hallmark, and the sentiment that there is a certain standard to be met or mould to fit within, with romance expressed in a specific way most commonly depicted through extravagant gift giving.

That is a lot of pressure!

Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, here at Heffernan & Haire we would like to suggest another conversation for those of you that don't really relate to this cupid-clad tradition.
We've put together a little gift guide on the site and within this post, presenting you with a couple of our favourite things currently available in store and at Pickings & Parry. The intention behind this being to celebrate relationships of any and all shapes and sizes, from romantic partners to life-long friendships, to (most importantly we think) the love you have for yourself. We encourage you, on this and all other days of the year, to express love and thought through considered gift giving to yourself and those of significance. 

A gentle reminder too that our sale continues in store and online, with a couple of beautiful items still available!

With Lots of Love, Roses, Heart Shaped Candy and Kisses,
H+H x