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Traveller's Company

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Are you looking for the perfect everyday companion to capture life’s precious moments, store important notes, and keep all your ideas in one place? Look no further than the TRAVELER'S company notebook. This simple yet elegant notebook is made with beautiful design and quality materials that you can take with you wherever your travels take you.

The Traveler’s Notebook is made using a unique leather outer that provides both a smooth exterior finish and a textured inner finish. The luxurious feel of this notebook makes it the perfect companion to write down your ideas and experiences or sketch out your dreams. It comes with a 64 page blank Midori paper notebook from Japan, as well as a cotton storage bag and spare tie for convenience on-the-go.

The Traveler’s Notebook is designed to make life easier by keeping everything from notes to keepsakes all in one place with popular add-ons such as the slip cases  and pen holders also available in this collection, which can be expanded as needed through additional bands.

Order the Traveler's Notebook today and fill it with your memories and ideas!

  • Contains: Leather cover and 64 page notebook - blank. Cotton storage bag and a spare tie.
  • Leather Cover: H22 x W12 x D10cm
  • Notebook: H21 x W11 x D4cm (Compare to traditional A5: H21 x W14.8cm)
  • Leather Cover made in Thailand
  • Notebook made in Japan
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