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The Traveler’s notebook is simple in its design and beautiful to hold. The soft leather cover is the first thing you will notice, smooth leather on the outside and a warm textured finish on the inside that lets you know your notes are secure and all in one place.

The Traveler’s notebook includes a 64 page blank Midori paper notebook made in Japan. This is where the journey begins. There are a wide variety of notebooks available in blank, lined, grid, dot, sketch paper and Kraft paper. As well as the diary options to keep your time organised as well. The variations let you choose your favourite combinations for each experience. Even better the paper can be used with pen, pencils, fountain pens and also water colours, let your creativity soar!

As well as the Midori refills there are various accessories including the favourite slip case and pen holders to keep everything together while you’re on the move. Designed to be expandable, add the additional bands as you expand your collection.

Use as a travel journal, planner, bullet journal or as a sketch pad, it’s your choice and with so many accessories you can keep your notes and keepsakes together.

Size: H13.4cm x W9.8cm

Contains: Leather cover and 64 page notebook - blank. Cotton storage bag and a spare tie.

Notebook: Blank, 64 pages, MD Paper (Saddle Stitched)

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