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Nike Chronicle

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The Nike Chronicles Extra focuses on the golden '80s Basketball Shoes!
With the cooperation of top collectors in Japan and abroad, "NIKE CHRONICLE", released in 2011, unraveled the history of NIKE with products from the company's founding to the early 1980s, and a revised version of that book was released in 2016 with the addition of a category of basketball shoes from 1985, called "NIKE CHRONICLE DELUXE". Now, "NIKE CHRONICLE EXTRA" has been released as a spin-off edition, featuring only basketball shoes from 1984 to 1986, with a total of 400 pages, the largest volume ever released.

Basketball shoes from this era are currently popular in the global fashion scene. NIKE regularly releases reissued models, but they too have quickly reached a premium.

This book covers the original models of these highly sought-after basketball shoes. The book contains 400 pages, the largest number of pages in the history of the "NIKE CHRONICLE" series, with the most popular AIR JORDAN and NIKE DUNK taking up about half of the total pages. Many rare models, from inline models to players' models are featured. The collection also includes a full lineup of clothing. The lineup includes warm-up wear, T-shirts, and sundries, which are hard to find these days.

This book will be a perfect preservation for not only vintage NIKE fans but also for those who love vintage items. All the logos on the cover are gorgeously bound with gold foil stamping, so we hope you will use it for your space display as well.

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